4x4 Bin Hire

1.2w x 1.2h x 1.2d - 2m3

Introducing the smallest of our variety of bins, our 4×4 scrap metal bin. This bin is the ideal solution to maintain a tidy and efficient workspace while effectively managing heavy materials and scrap metals. With its compact design the 4×4 bin ensures that our business can optimize waste management practices. It’s perfect for small workshop or warehouse scrap. Our small bin is approx. 1 meter by 1 meter squared and can accommodate a large variety of items from aluminium off cut to cable wire waste.

Embrace the convenience and reliability of our 4×4 bin, as it becomes the perfect solution to keep your workspace organized and effectively manage a large variety of items.

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Frequently asked questions

When the materials in the bins cover the transport costs, our service becomes absolutely free of charge! Please be aware that there is a charge for bins used for rubbish and waste disposal.
Our bins come with no specified time limit; however, for one-off clean-ups, we recommend minimizing the duration the bin stays at your location.
We provide a large number of customers with an ongoing bin service, our truck will come with an empty bin to replace your full bin.
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