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Cash for Stainless Steel – Best Prices for Stainless Steel Perth. Stainless steel scrap recycling is a specialty at King Scrap Metal. If you’re seeking the top prices for stainless steel scrap, your search ends here. Do you have stainless steel scrap available for sale? Contact us now for the most competitive stainless steel prices. Our scrap yard can assure competitive prices per kilogram for stainless steel scrap.

Stainless steel metal scrap comes in diverse forms, with each type having varying prices per kilogram based on its quality and grade. We are equipped with X-ray Fluorescent analyzing tools and possess an extensive knowledge to determine the material composition and value. At King Scrap Metals, we guarantee that you receive the best prices for stainless steel scrap.

King Scrap Metal want your scrap aluminium!

Cash for Stainless Steel – Best Prices for Stainless Steel Perth.

Recognizing the importance of offering fair prices, we keep a close eye on the live market, consistently updating our rates. We ensure the best value for your stainless steel scrap by weighing it per kilo. For our current prices, simply reach out to us at (08) 6150 9424. Customer satisfaction ranks high on our list of priorities, assuring you a contended experience with our hassle-free service. Trust that when you leave our site, youll be please with the efficiency and fairness services.

Disposing of unwanted stainless steel scrap, including smaller items and larger pieces, can be challening at times. Fortunately, our convenient scrap collection service is here for you. Send some photos of your scrap to our email address,, include your address and we’ll do our best to accomodate your collection!

Looking for a reliable buyer for your scrap stainless steel?

King Scrap Metals ensures transparent and competitive pricing, a straightforward weigh-and-pay process, reliable bin service and scrap collection and a friendly team who can help you with any queries you may have. Take the initiative and reach out to us today, we are confident that our service will leave you completely satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

There are many different Stainless Steel grades due to their applications, but the 3 common Stainless Steel grades that account for 90% of our recycling are : 316,304 & 2205 Also called DUPLEX
The more Nickel your stainless steel has in its composition, the more value it has. Stainless Steel 316 is the most valuable in common applications.
The price of stainless steel is subject to change daily and varies according to its grade. For a competitive rate on stainless steel scrap, contact us today on (086) 6150 9424
If you are unsure if your material is scrap aluminium, send us a photo by email to or bring it to our yard in Malaga where our sales team can have a look and analyse the material.
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