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Discover the value in your scrap brass with Perth’s local experts at King Scrap Metal. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, boasts diverse properties depending on the metal ratios. Depending on the amount of each metal used, different types of brasses can be made with varying properties. Bronze, which is similar to brass, is an alloy of copper and tin and is heavy and dense. Not to be confused with Copper scrap!

If you’re looking to sell your brass scrap metal, our team at King Scrap Metal can help!

Scrap Brass can be found in the following items:

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Certain silverware and antiques
  • Mining industry
  • Musical instruments
  • Engineering sector

Want Top Prices for Scrap Brass in Perth?

Contact King Scrap Metal today for a seamless and rewarding experience in recycling brass, with competitve rates!

Tips before recycling Brass

  • When selling your scrap brass, you should ensure that any contaminated brass is separated from the clean brass as this will have an effect on the scrap brass price received.

At King Scrap Metal, we’ll buy your scrap brass for cash. If you’re in the Perth area, our scrap metal yard is conveniently located in Malaga, just bring 100 Points of ID and we’ll do the rest.

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100 Points of ID : Drivers license and proof of address issued in the last three months.

Name and address on drivers license must match those on the proof of address document.

Brass or Bronze scrap types:

Brass Coast or Dirty Brass with Minimal Steel:

This category includes brass materials that may have some steel content but are primarily composed of brass.

Gun Metal:

Used primarily for valves or castings, gun metal is a specific type of brass with distinctive properties.

Manganese or Aluminium Bronze:

These alloys exhibit a slight magnetic pull and are often used for specific applications.

Brass Swarf or Brass Turnings:

Refers to small metal pieces or shavings resulting from machining or turning brass

Where can I find a brass recycling facility near me?

For all your scrap brass recycling needs, come visit our King Scrap Metal yard in Malaga, or Contact us on(08) 6150 9424. We’ll gladly assist you in selling your brass scrap and offer the best solutions for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

The value of scrap brass can vary depending on the quality of the metal and whether it is contaminated or clean. Contact us today for the latest competitive rate on brass scrap metal as prices are subject to change on a daily basis.
You can find brass scrap in a number of objects in and around the house, including: plumbing fixtures like bathroom and kitchen taps, some silverware and antiques, musical instruments, door knobs and window latches.
In order to sell brass you are required to present a licensed purchaser such as King Scrap Metals with 100 points of ID. These must include one photo ID such as, passport or drivers licence, along with one proof of address issued in the last three months such as a utility bill, payslip, bank statement. The address and name on the proof of address must match those on the photo ID.
If you are unsure if your material is scrap brass, send us a photo by email to or bring it to our yard in Malaga where our sales team can have a look and analyse the material.
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