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Aluminium scrap recycling is a King Scrap Metal specialty. If your looking for the best aluminium scrap price, look no further. Do you have aluminium scrap for sale? Give us a call for the best aluminium prices today. Our scrap yard can guarantee competitive aluminium scrap prices per kilo.

Aluminium metal scrap comes in various forms, each fetching different prices per kilo depending on their quality and grades. At King Scrap Metals, we ensure you receive the best aluminium scrap prices. Below are the primary types of aluminium we commonly receive:

Scrap Aluminium Prices
  • Aluminium Extrusion: Vastly used in the construction industry and the manufacture of every day items. Such as windows, doors, fences and various other products. Due to its high quality, it stands as one of the most valuable and sought-after aluminium grades.
  • Cast Aluminium: Found in a wide variety of applications due to its user-friendly nature and cost effectiveness. One notable example would be its prevalent use in automobile construction. It is used for engines and gearbox casings due to its lightweight and durable properties.
  • Aluminium Plate / Tubing: Is widely present in the construction industry. Aluminium plate and tubing are widely used among fabricators in various sectors. Whether it’s for crafting truck bullbars, boats, or kitchen cabinets, aluminium’s versatility makes it an indispensable material found virtually everywhere around us.
  • Domestic Aluminium: Is easily recognizable in our daily routines. This type of aluminium serves a range of purposes. It ranges from wall cladding to aluminium foil and traffic signs. It may resemble other grades but it stands apart by being either painted, covered in a sticker, or very thin. This earns it its classification as a domestic grade.

What do they look like ?

Below are examples of the common grades of aluminium scrap metal

Scrap Aluminium Extrusion

Value $$$$

Extruded Aluminium, can be painted but must be free from foreign materials such as plastic and steel. If your looking for scrap aluminium extruded prices we can guarantee you competitive rates!

Scrap Aluminium Domestic

Value $$

Domestic Aluminium,is scrap aluminium with minimal contamination (such as paint, plastic, oil). If your looking for scrap aluminium domestic prices we can guarantee you competitive rates!

Scrap Aluminium Rims

Value $$$$

Aluminium Rims / Mags, free of tyre, lead weights, tyres, plastic centre caps and valves. If your looking for scrap aluminium rims prices we can guarantee you competitive rates!

Scrap Aluminium Plate / Sheet

Value $$$

Aluminium Plate / Sheet, a raw form of aluminium that has been rolled or pressed into a panel or sheet. If your looking for scrap aluminium plate and scrap aluminium sheet prices we can guarantee you competitive rates!

Scrap Aluminium Cast

Value $$

Clean Aluminium Cast, free of steel, oil or plastic contamination. If your looking for scrap aluminium cast prices we can guarantee you competitive rates!

Looking for a reliable buyer for your scrap aluminium?

King Scrap Metals ensures transparent and competitive pricing, a straightforward weigh-and-pay process, reliable bin service and scrap collection and a friendly team who can help you with any queries you may have. Take the initiative and reach out to us today, we are confident that our service will leave you completely satisfied.

Frequently asked questions

Aluminium comes in different grades that vary in quality and mass. - Scrap aluminium extrusion - Scrap aluminium domestic - Scrap aluminium cans - Scrap aluminium mag wheels - Scrap aluminium casting
As prices are subject to change daily, please contact us today for the latest competitive aluminium scrap price in Perth.
Aluminium can be found in houses, trades and heavy industries in a number of objects including foil, sinks, pots and pans, car rims and fencing.
When selling aluminium to us, you simply only need to provide a photo ID, such as a drivers license or a passport.
If you are unsure if your material is scrap aluminium, send us a photo by email to or bring it to our yard in Malaga where our sales team can have a look and analyse the material.
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