Scrap Metal Recycling Around the House

We’re here to share with you what to look for around the house in order to gain some extra cash for your old scrap metal. These metals are usually all around us and are easily accessible. Don’t underestimate the potential of these readily available materials, as they can quickly add up and start generating income for you once brought to a scrap yard. Read on to learn where worth lies in your household recycling!

Scrap Metal in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the number one place in the home where you will find metal scrap. From old iron/copper pans and stainless steel sinks and cutlery to the copper wires found in refrigerators and microwaves. Once broken down, these produce great scraps of metal for recycling. Kitchen stoves, aluminium foil and fizzy drink cans can all be sold, dismantled, melted down and formed into a brand-new product. 

Scrap Metal in the Bathroom

Bathroom products offer an excellent source of scrap metals, including faucets, showerheads, pipes, plumbing fixtures, towel racks, old radiators, and electrical wires found in light fixtures or fans. When these items are no longer in use, recycling them at King Scrap Metal scrap yard ensures responsible disposal and sustainable utilization of these valuabe metals.

Scrap Metal in the Living Room

Metal artwork, picture frames, entry doors, bases of lamps, air conditioners and ornaments which are found in the living room (and also in various places in the house) can be sold as scrap metal and recycled for a tempting price.

Scrap Metal in the Garden

Old iron patio furniture which is lying around in the way can be brought to us for scrap metal. Iron railings, swing sets and a variety of garden furniture can also be brought to us for cash!

Scrap Metal in the Garage

Worn metal shelving, power tools, bicycles, musical instruments, nails and screws can be taken off your hands and exchanged for cash. You can also make a profit from other items such as car batteries, radiators, compressors, rims and more.

Before taking any of these items to a scrap yard, its essential to check local regulations and ensure that you’re collecting in an enviromentally responsible and legal manner. By recycling these metals you not only help conserve resources but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary aluminium production.

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