Bin Hire Guide

Hiring a bin for your clean-ups? Here’s a few things to consider..

Choose the Right Company and Order a Bin – make sure the company you choose practices ethical waste disposal, this is likely to be mentioned on their website. Research your local comanies and compare – not only to ensure you’re looking after the planet but to ensure you receive the best customer service and price, too!

Choose the Size – there is a variety of bin sizes available so ensure you contact your chosen bin provider for sizing to ensure your bin will be big enough for the job yu have. At King Scrap Metal, for example, we have a number of bin types including 4×4, 6×4 short, 6×4 tall, 9×4, skip bin and hook lift bin. We check with the customer first what scrap materials they have to ensure we send them the correct bin. This ensures they can get straight to work with their project or clean-up.

Local Services – choosing your local bin hire will reduce the impact of waste management and reduce your carbon footprint. A local recycling company such as King Scrap Metal, will have the local knowledge needed to ensure your scrap is distributed to the correct waste facilities.

Responsible Scrap Removal – bin hire services are designed to streamline scrap metal disposals, ensuring swiftness, efficiency, and utmost convenience for customers in siuations where self-removal of scrap is impractical.

DOS and DON’TS When it comes to bin hire

Beginning with the DOS:

Ensure it’s the right size – if you hire a bin thats too small, you will require another which will increase the costs for you. This can be eliminated by contacting the company for help with bin sizes and the size suited to your project.

Think Green – most bin hire companies have their very own waste management facilities on site and will work to recycle as much as possible. Ask your local scrap yard, such as King Scrap Metals, for information on their processing and recycling procedures, this could help you make your decision on which bin hire company to use.

Now for the DONT’S:

Throw in hazardous materials – these are items which we may not consider to be hazardous but items such as paint cans, aerosols, electrical goods and lightbulbs are not ok to go in the bin. Other hazardous materials include:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Cleaning chemicals
  3. Gas canisters
  4. Solvents
  5. Tyres
  6. Bricks
  7. Needles
  8. Glass
  9. Flammable liquids/solids

Go with the first company you see online – shop arond for the best deal, check their location and reviews. At King Scrap Metal, we provide a free bin service all over the Perth area so we are fit for any job big or small.

Place a bin on a public road or property without a permit – your bin will be removed by authorities if a permit is not approved and issued before the bin is dropped off to a public road or site. This can result in a fine, so be sure to obtain any permits before drop-off.

What Happens to Scrap from the Bin?

This depends on the bin hire company. Some companies will remove the bin from your site and take it to an external waste management centre, and others will take it back to their site where they have facilities to seperate and manage the scrap themselves.

Waste Transfer and Sorting Process

Scrap that is taken to a waste facility will be seperated. The large items will be removed and the rest will be hand-picked or processed through high-tech machinery. Either way the scrap will be identified as a certain material and sorted from there on.

This process is vital, it ensures that a high percentage of scrap materials are reused and recycled.

Why Ethical Recycling is important

An unimaginable amount of scrap materials are produced across the world each year. It is our responsibility to ensure that correct practices are followed while recycling and its vital that we have a positive impact on the earth.

King Scrap Metal has no hidden charges, we are fully compliant and provide outstanding customer satisfaction. For more information about the services we offer, whether they be Scrap Metal Recycling, Bin Hire or other services, contact us at (08) 6150 9424 or fill in our contact form. We operate throughout a number of locations including: Malaga, Balcatta, Wanneroo, Canning Vale, Bibra Lake, Welshpool, Midland and surrounds.

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