Electric Motors

Electric Motors Scrap

What are Electric Motors?

Electric motors are electric machines or devices which converts electrical energy in to mechanical energy. However when it comes to scrap electric motors, there are a number of differences and with differences there comes a number of different grades within the scrap electric motor family.

Common Uses

Electric motors have a number of uses. There’s not many things in modern society which do not have some form of electric motor in them.  Electric motors are used in appliances such as washing machines and clothes driers. Believe it or not, those large box type plugs which power many things (Converts mains electricity to 6,9,12V etc..), contains a small transformer which in the scrap metal industry are classed as a form of electric motor.

Grades of Electric Motor

Within electric motor scrap, there are a number of grades

  • Contaminated Electric Motor Scrap (electric motors with excessive contaminants such as plastic, metal wood etc.)
  • Electric Motors Scrap (electric motors free from all contaminants)
  • Transformers (copper wound only. check with the scrap yard you are selling to if you come across aluminium wound transformers)
  • Compressors (Fridge and air conditioner compressors)
  • High Grade Electric Motors (Alternators and stater motors from cars and trucks)
  • Copper Recovery (Small copper wound electric motors deemed to have a lower copper recovery rate than the non conforming motors listed at the top of this list)

Scrapping Electric Motors Tip

Just like all other types of non-ferrous scrap metal, it is important to keep your grades sorted and separated. This helps when the time comes to sell.