Electric Motors

Electric Motors Scrap

What are Electric Motors?

Electric motors are a machine part that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A rotational force is generated through the interaction of the motor’s magnetic field and the electric current that courses through it. These motors are used to power most of today’s machinery and appliances such as vacuum cleaners, electric drills and vehicles.

When it comes to the scrap electric motor family, there are several differences which produce different grades. Scrap electric motor prices do vary depending on the composition of the motor (for instance cooper, aluminum or steel) and is often priced per kilogram.


Common Uses

It would be difficult nowadays to come by a piece of machinery or an appliance that isn’t powered by an electric motor. Electric motors run everything from home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and vacuums, to large industrial machinery such as vehicles, drill presses and saws.

Power plugs that convert mains electricity to voltage power contain a small transformer which is classed as a form of an electric motor in the scrap metal industry.


Electric Motor Grades

There are six primary scrap electric motor grades that can be used to power the majority of commonly used appliances and machinery. These include:

  • Contaminated electric motor scrap – these are motors that contain an excess of contaminants including wood, metal and plastic.
  • Electric motor scrap – stock standard electric motors that are free from contaminants.
  • Transformers – the type of electric motor that regulates the voltage of AC powered equipment.
  • Compressors – similar to a pump, a compressor pressurises air to power air tools, turbines and locomotive instruments.
  • High grade electric motors – this includes alternators and starter motors from vehicles such as cars and trucks.
  • Copper recovery – these small copper wound electric motors have a lower copper recovery rate than non-conforming motors.

Scrapping Electric Motors Tip

When it comes time to sell, it is key to keep your scrap electric motor grades sorted and separated to ensure you are receiving the best price for each motor.

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