Copper Scrap

Copper is a soft, ductile, malleable metal with a very high electrical, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistant. The shiny and red-ish metal is mainly used in electrical wires, telecommunication cables and electronics.

Copper Scrap is one of the most valuable scrap metals you can sell.

Here are the types of items that use copper

  • Copper pipes
  • Copper cabling
  • Copper tank
  • Copper tubing
  • Copper wiring

You can find these three types of copper scrap

  • Copper 1: Bright wire copper: shinny copper wire, uncoated or stripped insulated copper wire.
  • Copper 2: Clean copper pipes, tubes, bars or offcuts, copper need to be without painting, oil and uncoated.
  • Copper3: Copper pipes, tubes, bars or offcuts with paint, welding residue, small amount of oil. But no steel or plastic.

Also, copper can be found in or be associated with other metals such as:

Scrap insulated copper wire
There are different grades of insulated copper scrap depending on the percentage copper recovery. PVC cables copper consist of wire covered by small amount of plastic but no aluminium wire. Examples: Scrap data and communication cables; household, TPS scrap cables; Earth or power cables.

  • Scrap copper brass radiator
  • Scrap aluminium copper radiators