What is brass?

Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. Depending on the amount of each metal used, different types of brasses can be made with varying properties. Bronze, which is similar to brass, is an alloy of copper and tin and is heavy and dense. Not to be confused with copper scrap, brass scrap consists of yellow solid brass, tubing brass and casting brass. It is also called honey brass.

If you’re looking to sell your brass scrap metal, our team at King Scrap Metal can help. Our dealers and recyclers can provide you with a solution to suit your needs and help you get the best value for your metal.

Scrap brass can be found in the following items:

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Some silverware and antiques
  • Zippers
  • Musical instruments
  • Doorknobs and window latches

Tips before recycling

  • When selling your scrap, ensure that any contaminated brass is separated from the clean scrap as this will have a bearing on the scrap brass price received.
  • Even though brass is yellow, it is quite often coated silver or chrome, so it is important to scratch the surface of silver metals to make sure they are not brass (brass is worth more than most other silver coloured metals).

Brass or bronze scrap types

  • Brass coast or dirty brass with minimal steel
  • Gun metal which is used mostly for valves or castings
  • Manganese or aluminium bronze, with a slight magnetic pull
  • Brass swarf or brass turnings

Where can I find a brass recycling facility near me?

For all your scrap brass metal needs, visit our King Scrap Metal yard located in Embleton. Contact us today to see how we can help you sell your brass scrap by giving our team a call on (08) 6150 9424.

Brass scrap

Frequently asked questions

The value of scrap brass can vary depending on the quality of the metal and whether it is contaminated or clean. Contact us today for the latest competitive rate on brass scrap metal as prices are subject to change on a daily basis.
You can find brass scrap in a number of objects in and around the house, including: plumbing fixtures like bathroom and kitchen taps, some silverware and antiques, zippers, musical instruments, door knobs and window latches.
While the value of brass can vary between grades, copper is typically worth more than brass.
Yes. Although, the value of solid brass will depend on the age and condition it is in.
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