Drive Through Scrap Metal Yard

If you have any scrap metals in your back yard or at home, we want to buy it!

Centrally located in Bayswater, come and enjoy our easy access drive through yard!

With our drive through yard it is now easy for you to come and drop your scrap metal.  Our friendly and helpful team will help you unload, inspect and pay you on the spot.

We have one of the easiest scrap merchant yards to get around in Perth.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Load up your ute, van or trailer.
  2. Drive through our scrap yard.
  3. Get Paid immediately.

How to prepare your scrap before you visit us:

  • First tip: Remove plastic, rubber, contamination for faster unloading and service.
  • Second tip: Separate the metals before bringing them to our drive through.
  • Third tip: We recommend using a magnet on all items to separate the copper, brass, aluminium, stainless from steel scrap.